About Descendants of 51 Riding club

Descendants of 51 began as the 51st chapter of a national riding club in early 2000.  As it's nickname quickly became "Area 51" it naturally adopted the alien as its mascot.  As a riding club, Area 51 grew and became very active in events with other chapters within the organization and other riding clubs and M/Cs.  

The name "Descendants of 51 Riding club" is a reference that we simply evolved from the 51st chapter.  We continue to have the alien as our mascot.  The patch with the alien riding the chopper was designed with the  Washington State Capitol  building in it to signify that DOA-51 is a local club, not interested in becoming a multi-chapter organization.  The Capitol building is a reference to where we are from and in no way is meant to imply that the club is claiming territory.  Descendants of 51 is a non-territorial, non-denominational, local, mom and pop riding club much like we were as part of the National organization it evolved from.

In 2006, DOA 51 became members of the Olympia Toy run Coalition, which plans and puts on the annual Olympia Toy Run on the first Saturday in December to provide much needed toys and funds to the Olympia Salvation Army "Toys and Joy program.

What"s in the future?  who knows!  We just want to ride.  We will continue to be local, mom and pop.  We do not desire to start new chapters in other areas.